• Fitzroy Academy – Social Enterprise Lessons

    Organisation: Fitztroy Academy
    Organisation Type : Social Enterprise
    Areas of Society Impacted:
    • Work and Employment
    • Participation and Democracy
    • Education and Skills
    • Culture and Arts
    • Neighbourhood Regeneration
    Areas of DSI:
    • New Ways of Making
    • Collaborative Economy
    • Open Access

    Online lessons for social impact people. THE MISSION: Build the new world standard for social impact education. We believe that every single business – every career, every project – should create a positive social impact. Doing well while doing good should be the standard. The world is getting there, it just Read more [...]

  • Human Capital HR-Tech Accelerator

    Organisation: Slingshot
    Organisation Type : Business
    Areas of Society Impacted:
    • Work and Employment
    • Finance and Economy
    Areas of DSI: Funding Acceleration and Incubation

    Human Capital AUSTRALIA’S FIRST HR-TECH ACCELERATOR PROGRAM Spotting threats in HR and unlocking growth through startup innovation Leaders of the world’s best companies know that their continued success will require reinvention. Increasingly, models for that reinvention are being shaped outside of their organisation by innovative technology startups who are tapping Read more [...]