• Human Capital HR-Tech Accelerator

    Organisation: Slingshot
    Organisation Type : Business
    Areas of Society Impacted:
    • Work and Employment
    • Finance and Economy
    Areas of DSI: Funding Acceleration and Incubation

    Human Capital AUSTRALIA’S FIRST HR-TECH ACCELERATOR PROGRAM Spotting threats in HR and unlocking growth through startup innovation Leaders of the world’s best companies know that their continued success will require reinvention. Increasingly, models for that reinvention are being shaped outside of their organisation by innovative technology startups who are tapping Read more [...]

  • Melbourne Social Equity Institute

    Organisation: Melbourne Social Equity Institute
    Organisation Type : Academia and Research
    Areas of Society Impacted:
    • Work and Employment
    • Health and Wellbeing
    • Participation and Democracy
    • Education and Skills
    • Culture and Arts
    • Finance and Economy
    • Neighbourhood Regeneration
    Areas of DSI:
    • Awareness Networks
    • Open Access
    • Funding Acceleration and Incubation

    At the Melbourne Social Equity Institute, we acknowledge an imperfect world. We realise that societies are sometimes beset by divisions of culture, economic status or creed. Chances of birth such as class, race, ability or gender often lead to marginalisation and disempowerment. We strive to identify the origins of disadvantage Read more [...]