Social Innovation Tech Summit

Social Innovation Tech Summit 2018

DSI Keynote, Kelly Hutchinson








Imagine a future where our shared values, as institutions and individuals, supports our vison of a society where we all benefit from technology, and shape the future we want.

The DSI Model is one way we might get there.

Social Innovation Tech Summit

What is it?

The Social Innovation Summit explores the intersection between technology and social change, uniting experts in both fields with the emergent leaders of the future.

This full day, fully catered event provides every industry sector with practical guidance and compelling case studies of how technologies can drive competitive advantage and positive social outcomes. Opportunities to meet, mingle and share in a fully catered day of purpose-driven business conversation.

Who’s Speaking?

Ed Santow – The Commissioner of Human Rights
Philip Dalidakis – Minister for Innovation & the Digital Economy
Will Richardson – Impact Investor at Impact Investment Group
Amanda Miller – Impact Investor at Impact Generation Partners
Krystian Seabert – Philanthropy Australia
Kelly Hutchinson – Vic Gov – DEDJTR and Digital Innovation Festival Manager
Sarah Meredith – National Manager of Global Citizen
Adrian Osman – Co-Founder and CEO of Pitch Blk
Max Lynam – CEO of Impactful Ventures
Lucy and Rosie Thomas – Co-Founders of Project Rockit
Cameron Neil – General Manager at Common Code
Valeria Ignatieva – Founder of Work180
Joel De Ross – Founder of Metavents and Organiser of Rock Against Poverty
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Why Should You Come?

We will take you on a journey of discovering:
1. What Digital Social Innovation is
2. Why we need to do it
3. How we do it
4. Who’s doing it well
5. How we can build our capacity to do it even better
6. Capital raising to do more of it
7. How can we keep our data safe and use data for impact

Your voice will be heard. We are providing a data-driven, 2-way conversation opportunity between our audience and the on-stage presenters. The insights we generate collectively will be shared only with those who come.

You can become prepared for the disruption that is coming – developing professional resilience and gain competitive advantage in which ever industry you’re in.

Become a leader for the coming age! See more information on key discussion topics at:

Key Topic Discussions:

– The Survival of Our Species
– Gaining Competitive advantage in the changing market
– Social Innovation Tech & Human Rights
– Using Tech to Solve Real World Problems
– Social Media for Social Good
– Digital Inclusion & Shared Values
-Cross Sector Collaboration
– Philanthrophy and Impact Investing
– Data for Impact

Target Audience:

  • Corporates and large Businesses (Intrapreneurs)
  • Investors
  • Local and State government
  • Startups (In particular Social + Tech Entrepreneurs) + SME’s
  • Co-working and Innovation Spaces
  • Academia / Education Institutions + Students
  • Community Groups
  • Not-for-Profits
  • General Public who want to see change for the better

Why Do We Need a Social Innovation Summit?

At a time where environmental and social issues are almost too complex for society to handle, we need to RAPIDLY accelerate cross sector collaboration and steer technologies toward solving problems.

The market is also changing, with consumers and employees now demanding purpose-driven business. This means that now is the perfect time for every organisation to learn how to gain competitive advantage and steer their digital strategies towards creating positive social impact.

To develop leadership for a sustainable world, requires the perspectives and insights from leaders across every sector, who feel the call to catalyse a shift in the Australian Business Culture towards purpose and impact.